So, let’s say your product is ready to hit the market, and you want to make people stop scrolling on their phones and pause to watch your amazing video.
Anyone can make a video these days, but stop-motion animation adds next-level artistry. Your video has the potential to make people smile, connect to your brand on a human level. You want to create something whimsical, funny, even magical? Stop-motion animation can achieve that exciting, emotional reaction that clients and customers will remember.
Stop-motion animation is a sequence of photos put together to create a smooth video. To build one we need a concept idea, the product itself and some artistic magic.

Step 1 - Fill out a short quiz about your product or brand.
Step 2 - Jump on a concept call for a joint discussion.
Step 3 - Mail me your product and I will take care of the rest.  

My process includes: prop shopping, set design, lighting, rigging, animating and all the post-production. I pay rigorous attention to colors, details and composition to bring your product to life.​​​​​​​
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